Screen printing is THE traditional method for printing on t-shirts.

From your art, we produce stencils – one for each individual color in your design. Each stencil is actually a screen which is tightly stretched inside an aluminum frame. Multiple screens are carefully aligned to form a multi color print. When ink is then pushed through the screens onto a t-shirt underneath the screen is then lifted away to reveal your print.

We take the greatest care in creating each stencil and choosing the right ink application through rigorous testing before we begin printing your project, so that each and every print we make for you looks absolutely perfect. While this printing technique has been around for a very long time, technical advances have been made available such as automated print heads which improve print quality, and industrial inks which are designed to offer vibrant color, consistency, and long lasting durability.

Hemlock Ink maintains a commitment to utilizing exclusively the best printing equipment and the best screen printing inks and it shows. After the shirts are printed they are run through a conveyor belt under extreme heat for a designated amount of time which dries the ink and creates a strong bond with the fabric resulting in a print that will last the life of the shirt.

Special techniques

We utilize a variety of ink additives that allow us to  produce rich, vibrant prints, or very thin, “soft hand” prints for a lighter feel.  We also offer some unique printing techniques that set us apart from our competitors.  Process printing is taking a photgraphic image and creating a 5 color version that, when printed using color halftones, can reproduce the same continuous tone image on a dark t-shirt.  We also offer discharge printing; for this process we use a waterbased agent loaded with or without pigment that, when printed on the shirt and cured, creates a chemical reaction that replaces the dye of the shirt with a color.  The result is a super bright print that is as soft as the shirt itself.

Screen printing is very versatile and works well on an almost limitless variety of garments like hoodies, long sleeves, tote bags, and sweatpants to name just a few. Pricing is determined by the number of ink colors required to print your design and the number of locations the garment will be printed in, such as the front, back, or sleeve. We keep all your art on file and waive set up fees on your orders for up to a year, so reordering is always a breeze. For more info please see our screen print pricing section.

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