Screen Printing Pricing

For high volume screen printing orders, please call 617-625-3460 or email for a custom quote.

The following prices are for printing only. For more detailed pricing information on other garment types, visit our Apparel section where you can get an instant quote, upload your artwork and order online!

Have an idea but don’t have print-ready artwork? Checkout our online t-shirt designer where you can design your own shirt and order it online.

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Please allow for 10 business days production when planning and ordering, rush services are available for an additional fee.

First Side Print

These prices are for dark colored garments, for white, subtract $1 from the garment price.

*Prices are subject to change and will fluctuate throughout the year.

1 Color$9.67$9.21$8.52$8.08$7.65$7.38$7.11$6.84$5.30$4.76$4.31$4.16
2 Color$10.67$10.21$9.32$8.63$8.20$7.78$7.51$7.14$5.60$5.01$4.56$4.36
3 Color$11.67$11.21$10.11$9.18$8.75$8.18$7.91$7.44$5.90$5.26$4.81$4.56
4 Color$12.67$12.21$11.91$9.73$9.30$8.58$8.31$7.74$6.20$5.61$5.06$4.76
5 Color$13.67$13.21$12.71$10.28$9.60$8.98$8.71$8.04$7.50$5.86$5.31$4.76
6 Color$14.68$14.21$13.51$12.83$10.00$9.18$9.11$8.34$7.80$6.11$5.56$5.16
7 Color$15.67$15.21$14.19$13.26$10.85$9.66$9.39$8.92$7.43$6.14$5.59$5.24
8 Color$16.67$16.21$15.99$13.81$11.78$10.06$9.79$8.82$7.82$6.39$5.84$5.44

Additional Shirt Options:

Heavyweight Tees + $0.25

Ring-Spun (Super Soft) and Ladies’ Tees + Appx $2.00


Double sided printing

The following charges apply when printing on the back or sleeve in addition to the front of the garment. If you are adding a back and a sleeve, double the cost below, if adding a back and both sleeves, triple it (you get the idea).

1 Color$2.00$1.75$1.50$1.25$1.00$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.75$0.75$0.60$0.50
2 Color$2.50$2.00$2.00$1.50$1.50$1.20$1.20$1.10$1.00$1.00$0.95$0.85
3 Color$3.50$2.75$2.75$2.00$2.00$1.55$1.55$1.35$1.25$1.25$1.20$1.10
4 Color$4.50$3.50$3.50$2.50$2.50$1.90$1.90$1.60$1.50$1.50$1.45$1.35
5 Color$5.50$4.25$4.25$3.00$3.00$2.25$2.25$1.85$1.75$1.75$1.70$1.60
6 Color$6.50$5.00$5.00$3.50$3.50$2.60$2.60$2.10$2.00$2.00$1.95$1.85
7 Color$7.50$5.75$5.75$4.00$4.00$2.95$2.95$2.35$2.35$2.25$2.25$2.10
8 Color$8.50$6.50$6.50$4.50$4.50$3.30$3.30$2.60$2.50$2.50$2.35$2.35

Screen (Setup) Fees

Screens are created for each color in each print location in the design. We charge a one-time fee of $15 per screen that is waived on re-orders placed within a year. This means if you place an order and re-order same job every year, you will never have to pay for your screens again after the initial charge. Here is an example of how screen fees are calculated: 2 color print on the front, 1 color print on the back. (2 color + 1 color) * $15 = $45 setup fee.

Discharge (burnout) printing – add 40%

Discharge printing is a technique where a bleaching agent is loaded with a pigment.  When printed on a shirt and cured in our dryer, a chemical process replaces the shirt color with the pigment loaded into the agent.  The result is super opaque printing that feels like it is part of the shirt rather than ink sitting on top of the shirt.

Soft hand additives

We can add an ink softener that lowers the viscosity of the ink, resulting in a very soft but low opacity print.  This process is great for the washed out, distressed look.

Pantone matching

With Pantone’s color formula guides, software, and the use of digital scales we can create accurate custom color mixes based on the weight of each color component super accurately. If you need a custom mix on your next job just let us know!  For optimal matching when screen printing we reccommend using Pantone’s coated or uncoated systems.



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